Access Telecommunication link service limited is an indigenous private limited liability company registered in the year 1995.

The company is licensed to provide amongst other things the services of telecommunication, Information Technology system, Advance security system, IT solutions, GSM/GPS solution such as car trackers, fleets management, Renewable Energy solution, etc .

The scope of our operation includes software integration to hardware, installations, and maintenance. We produce tailored-made security device that satisfies all category of our clients need. It stand the test of time than the  security gadgets found in the open market.

Our mission

To build a technologically driven solution for the future. Achieved through the use of the existing technology combined with our research and development expertise in dealing with system-based projects. To also deliver tele – e-security systems through, innovative engineering in order to surpass our customer’s needs and expectations.

These  principles  have guided the company’s growth and transition from  Analog PABX, Long range radio phone, Telephone sets, and installations and maintenance of equipment into integrated systems with broad applications. .

In line with our mission, our customers can now enjoy e-mobile security systems to their individual requirements. We have been able to provide MOBILE PHONE DATA SECURITY, (ACCESS GOLD) tm and (EAGLE EYE) for personal guide. These products are available at very affordable prices. The e-mobile security system was invented by the company to ensure global security.

We have a variety of extraordinary capabilities supporting our efforts to further expand into the e-mobile security systems market. We have developed an outstanding engineering department with a considerable HEADLINK and design capability. We have developed a vertical developing operation, with the ability to perform a variety of producing 3rd Generation e-security solution.

We have gone into partnership agreement with many Telecom/IT manufacturing companies. These are manufacturing companies with tested integrity. They have chosen Access Telecom as a strategic partner in area of e-security solution. Our company will provide, install and maintain these gadgets. We are highly committed to personalized custom made services. There is no doubt that our customers receive quality services second to none in the industry.

We are technically driven to deliver the utmost service in security system, IT and Telecommunication support services. We are synonymous with building excellence and specialized services. We will continue to introduce innovative products to satisfy the needs of our new and existing valued customers. In addition, we have invested resources and energy into operational development initiative that will support our chronological growth target. Our company has several trained engineers on her management.

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