PABX Equipment

EPABX – Electronic Private Automatic Branch eXchange

EPABX and GSM intercom is for various Communication need for Hotels, Offices, Home, Estate, Apartment for the purpose of security and communication service. The hybrid IP PABX and GSM PABX work globally with advance features.

Main functions:

  • Friendly Interface and Simple Operation: The system runs under English version Windows 98/2000, with friendly interface, easy to understand and convenient to grasp.
  • Real-Time monitoring through the computer call station.
  • Convenient and Flexible Coding: extension can set different prefix and different number.
  • IP Economic Route option.
  • IP public telephone hall management calculate charge timely
  • Relay Joint command
  • Packet switching
  • Many group belong to main call number
  • Multi extensions use one extension number
  • Adding/changing prefix
  • Mobile virtual network number control
  • Call Restriction
  • Deposit Control
  • Exchange time period
  • Incoming/outgoing charge setting
  • Multiform charge mode
  • Multiform bill query, be able to print the detailed or total records
  • Display and query the called bill
  • Trunk and Extension Lines Dial-up
  • Manager-secretary function
  • Wake-Up service and keep wake-up records
  • Account Roaming
  • Different Ringing to the internal and external calls
  • Built-in digital Voice Mail
  • Music preserved when call transfer
  • Multi-grade Service
  • Multiform Router management
  • Limit time function is available for out trunk, in trunk and internal talk
  • Disconnect strongly or Insert strongly the talk between two extensions
  • The internal and external calls transfer
  • The subscriber line and the trunk grouping management
  • Multi-Party Calls take part in the talk simultaneously
  • To be connected with various printers
  • Records about the operator entering
  • Automatic backup the historical data of the system
  • Multiform new operation: Leave Transfer¡¢Don’t disturb ¡¢Call Protection ¡¢Call Transfer¡¢Act for Pick-Up ¡¢Act for dialing¡¢ busy call back ¡¢Wake-Up Service ¡¢Hot Line Service and so on.


  • System specification capacity and configure
  • Main components: CPU¡¢ECPU¡¢EXT£¨optional£©¡¢TRK£¨optional£©¡¢Tone£¨optional£©¡¢POWER ¡¢Chassis ¡¢144/216 inner frames
  • Multiform Special Trunk Interfaces: CALLED-ID TRK, E/M TRK, Carrier Wave TRK, and Magnet TRK
  • 2M CPU: there are 2M NO.1¡¢ 2M NO.7 ¡¢2M PRI
  • 2M module£ºConfigure for NO.1 signal
  • 2M motherboard: Configure for 2M (NO.1¡¢NO.7 ¡¢PRI)¡¢ E/M TRK, Carrier Wave TRK, and Magnet TRK
  • MFC board: Configure for NO.1 signal
  • NO.7 signal board: Configure for NO.7 signal
  • PRI signal board: Configure for PRI signal
  • Conference call board: a board can provides two groups of conference calls; each group can collect 64 extensions to take part in the conference call
  • ¡ñPeripheral equipment configuration:
  • PC 586/233 computer¡¢printer¡¢distribution frames¡¢accumulator
  • ¡ñEnvironment Requirements:
  • 1¡¢Environment Temperature: 0¡æ ¡« 40¡æ
  • 2¡¢Relative Humidity: 20-80%
  • Power Supply:
  • AC: 220V+10% ¡« 220V-15% 50 Hz¡À5%
  • AD: 48V¡À10%
  • Power consumption: For each subsystem (114 ports):
  • Static power consumption < 30W
  • Maximum power consumption < 150W
  • ¡ñHeat radiation: Natural air-cooling
  • Anti-interference: The working power supply shall keep away from the large electric equipments and equipments with strong electromagnetic interference, it is recommended to apply independent power supply for reducing external interference. The reliable ground wire is the key guarantee for lightning strike and anti-interference


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